PEPS planted and maintain three community gardens, the Firehouse Memorial Garden on the corner of Cottonwood and Lundy Lane, the Ponderosa Garden at the foot of Lundy Lane, and the Enduring Freedom Garden on Poplar Valley Road.  These once untended areas are now beautiful neighborhood gardens.


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Firehouse Memorial Garden:  This garden was the first PEPS project developed in 1999.  It is on the corner of the Plumas-Eureka Community Service District and firehouse property. The garden was dedicated in memorium for friends and family of PEPS members.

Enduring Freedom Garden:   This once weed filled, empty lot has blossomed into the pride of our mountain community. This garden was named in memory of Americans who died in the tragedy on September 11, 2001.  It is also a memorial to community members who have died.  Because of these dedications, this charming garden has breathed life into the community.  The Enduring Freedom Garden has been the inspiration of artists who cover their canvases with our beautiful blooms each year.  Relax on one of the benches, enjoy the sunshine and view the multitude of flowers in the garden.   

Ponderosa Garden:
This garden near the middle fork of the Feather River is in the northeast area of Plumas-Eureka Estates.   A vine-covered trellis placed in honor of the PEPS founder and artist, Shirley Williams, welcomes you to the garden.  There are two park benches and a newly carved bench to sit and enjoy the beauty of the area.

Firehouse Memorial Garden
Ponderosa Garden
Herb Garden:
  Bring your clippers and snip pieces of sage, parsley, basil, rosemary and cilantro from our Herb Garden at the Enduring Freedom Garden on Poplar Valley Road.
Preservation Society
We Put Plumas In Bloom
Fresh Herbs grow abundantly
Enduring Freedom Garden
911 Memorial Ceremony
October 1, 2001
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PEPS members freshen up the Plumas-Eureka Estates bus stops.
Shirley Williams, Founder of PEPS and Artist painted lively scenes on the community  bus stops.
A few good men donated their time and labor to build this lattice fence as a backdrop in the Enduring Freedom Garden.
Every year the gardens burst with color and enchantment.
Butterflies enjoy the flowers in the gardens too.
Peps members plant and maintain flower barrels at each mailbox bank in Plumas-Eureka Estates.
PEPS annual Pine Needle Pick Up project helps the community by hauling away pine needle piles the first weekend in June.
Day Lilies flourish in our gardens.
Visit the PEPS Plant Sale every Memorial Day Weekend next door to the Plumas-Eureka Firehouse.
You can find Santa at the PEPS Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony held at the Plumas-Eureka Firehouse the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day.
He loves me...He loves me so
The PEPS flag pole at the Enduring Freedom Garden on Poplar Valley Road proudly flies the American Flag.